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Buckeye Bean Soup - 12 Oz
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    This soup mix is the classic Buckeye Beans and Herbs soup mix. This soup provides a delicious and rustic taste from premium beans paired with a flavorful packet of spices and herbs. Choose to include meat to this iconic mix, or enjoy this soup in a vegetarian or vegan style. This soup provides tremendous nutritional value. Whole beans and lentils contain protein, B vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber to support any diet. Buckeye Bean soup is also easy and convenient to make. Follow...

    Buckeye White Chicken Chili - 14 Oz
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      Buckeye Bean and Herbs White Chicken Chili brings an easy-to-make chili. Buckeye Beans and Herbs packages premium white beans alongside a delicious chili herb and seasoning packet. This soup is packaged inside of a decorative box perfect to give to someone in need of a cozy and warm meal. White beans are an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Also known as navy beans or northern beans, white beans are a good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. The high fiber content...

      Buckeye Beefed Up Barley Soup - 12 Oz
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        Buckeye Bean and Herbs Beefed Up Barley Soup is an easy-to-make soup that is both nutritious and heartwarming. Add flair by adding additional vegetables and meats for more complex flavor, or enjoy a meatless vegetarian and vegan meal. More than tasty, this soup mix provides exceptional nutritional value. The lentils and whole grains used in this soup are excellent sources of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Barley is a wholesome grain, adding a delightful nutty flavor, pleasant chewy...

        Buckeye Great Leap N Lentil Soup - 12 Oz
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          Colorful red lentils are the sweetest and nuttiest variety of lentils and are the main feature of this soup. Bright and vibrant, these lentils make for more than a colorful display. Each soup mix makes nine bowls cups, more than enough to feed an entire family. Mixed with simple ingredients like spices, salt, and dehydrated onion, this soup mix provides a tremendous amount of nutritional value. In each bite, receive a hearty amount of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Living up to its...

          Buckeye Veggie Bean Soup - 12 Oz
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            Buckeye Beans and Herbs Veggie Bean Soup is an easy-to-make homemade soup that is nutritious, heartwarming, and filling. The beans and whole grains in this hearty dry bean soup mix have excellent nutritional value. In each spoonful, receive sources of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Add meats and additional vegetables to create unique tastes with this delicious veggie bean soup. This soup mix can easily create gourmet meals in a matter of minutes. Each box provides nine cups of soup...

            Buckeye Country Split Pea Soup - 14 Oz
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              Healthful and heartwarming are two words that perfectly describe Buckeye’s Country Split Pea Soup. This nostalgic soup mix provides nutrition and tremendous flavor from green and yellow split peas for an irresistible soup flavor. Living up to its name, Buckeye Beans & Herbs uses premium herbs to create a delicious seasoning to pair with the great taste of split peas. This soup mix is convenient to have around a kitchen to create gourmet meals in under an hour. Each box provides nine cups of...

              Buckeye Chicken N Thyme Soup - 12 Oz
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                Buckeye Beans and Herbs Chicken and Thyme Soup mix is an easy-to-make homemade soup. Packets of herbs and spices mixed with thyme flavor make this soup both nutritious and heartwarming. Thyme helps to increase brain function and is considered to be a valuable anti-aging herb. The medicinal benefits of thyme have been researched extensively. Thyme causes DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) to increase. Research highlights the value of including thyme in the diet for all age groups - including the...

                Buckeye Cornbread - 20 Oz
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                  Buckeye cornbread mix is one of the most popular items from Buckeye Beans & Herbs. Made with premium ingredients, this mix combines a homemade flavor with modern convenience. Enjoy deliciously moist cornbread in minutes with up to fifteen other people with this large 20-ounce box. Wheat flour, cornmeal, and natural vanilla combine for a wholesome and hearty cornbread flavor. Experience a taste able to rival any from-scratch recipe. This mix creates an unbelievable cornbread flavor with a...