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How Long Does Soup Last in a Fridge?

How Long Can a Soup Last?

One box of soup from Buckeye Beans & Herbs makes nine cups of soup, enough to feed more than an entire family. The leftover soup is usually saved for later, but this leaves some to wonder how long a soup can stay safe in the fridge.

How long a soup will last after being refrigerated is highly variable, depending on the ingredients. Some ingredients may spoil quicker than others, but Buckeye recommends keeping a soup in the fridge no longer than four days.

As the soup sits inside the refrigerator, the growth of bacteria slows down, making it safe to eat at a later date. However, depending on how cold the fridge is, how long the soup was out before it was refrigerated, and the ingredients inside the soup, the leftovers can spoil quickly or slowly.

The best way to tell if a soup is spoiled or not is to smell it. After taking a soup out of the fridge, if the contents smell garden-fresh and hearty, it is safe to eat. If a soup smells bad or gamy, tossing it out is for the best.

Before making soup, planning meals can be a good idea. Before the beans, lentils, and peas are cooked, a Buckeye soup can sit on the shelf for years. Instead, save a Buckeye Beans Soup when convenient and enjoy it for several days to not waste any delicious flavor.

Those curious to try a delicious soup mix from Buckeye Beans & Herbs can do so by shopping Buckeye’s seven unique soup flavors. Each includes an herb and seasoning packet, creating a nutritious and flavorful broth. Flavors such as Beefed Up Barley, Chicken N Thyme, and Country Split Pea can be reheated and enjoyed time and again.

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