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Why Are Beans So Good for Us?

Heartwarming Nutrition

It should come as no surprise the name Buckeye Beans and Herbs comes from the premium beans and herbs in its soup mixes. Grown by local farms in the Pacific Northwest, the beans used in Buckeye soup mixes provide heartwarming flavor to every bowl. Bean soup tastes excellent, and its nutritional value can keep a person feeling great throughout the day.

Each bean is chock-full of protein and is a terrific meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. Receiving enough protein is essential to build and repair the body's tissue and muscle. In addition, eating enough protein is crucial for maintaining energy for long periods of time.

Beans also help the body stay energized with a large number of antioxidants. These supplement a body's immune system and help fight off bacteria, viruses, and UV light. These antioxidants prevent sickness, disease, and can help people feel less tired on a sunny day.

Any diet should also include enough fiber for a healthy digestive tract, and beans are the best food to do it. For example, Buckeye soup is rich in dietary fibers and can provide up to 36% of a person's recommended daily amount.

Alongside these benefits, beans have large amounts of iron, vitamins, and potassium. Beans have so many nutrients and value, they are among the few foods considered a superfood. Eating beans is a wonderful way to lose weight, improve cholesterol, and enjoy a warm and delicious meal.

For those eager to experience the important health benefit of beans, Buckeye has several soup options to choose from. Buckeye's Classic Bean and Veggie Bean Soup mixes come with many different beans, peas, and lentils. Red, pinto, pink, black, kidney, navy, lima, and great northern beans all contribute to the flavor of these two soup mixes.

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