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Why We Support Our Local Farming Community

Since the beginning, Buckeye Beans & Herbs proudly to served its local farming community. We use beans, peas, and lentils from the Pacific Northwest to create our flavors in each of our soups. These ingredients give our soups their iconic flavors and help sustain our community.

In any soup or chili, the primary ingredients determine its quality. Since beans, peas, and lentils make each of the Buckeye soup bases, using locally harvested beans is essential.

Our trusted farmers have provided us with solid and healthy pods filled with nutrient-rich beans and whole grains. These ingredients pair with our herbs and seasoning to create a distinctly local taste.

Buckeye can only make its soup with the help and passion of our farming community, so we do all we can to support them. With partnerships such as ours, farmers are encouraged to continue providing to the community.

Beans and whole grains provide us with protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber. Split peas, lentils, and beans are ingredients meant to be grown with care and attention. Buckeye Beans & Herbs benefits from the deliberate farming effort from its farmers.

There are shortcuts to creating soup mixes, but none for creating great soup mixes. Buckeye Beans & Herbs is named after a small lumber mill, closed down in 1912. Buckeye strives to deliver genuine products in each of its soup mixes to reflect a more straightforward way of life.

No matter where a person lives, the flavor, nutrition, and quality of locally sourced whole grains perfect each box of Buckeye Soup. For those curious to taste the difference for themselves, shop Buckeye Beans & Herbs and taste the rich and hearty flavor of beans, lentils, peas from the Pacific Northwest.

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