Buckeye White Chicken Chili - 14 Oz

White Chicken Chili - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 14oz

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It’s a great hearty and thick chili. I really enjoy the texture, the simplicity of preparation and getting an entire weeks worth of lunch from one box. With that said, if you enjoy spice try adding a couple of your favorite peppers for the last hour of the cook to add some heat.

I made this last night, I only used about 1/2 or a bit more of the seasoning. I also added a little tomato sauce and I sauteed onion, garlic and bell pepper first in the pot I combined the onion bean mixture too. My family raved about it. I do think if you follow the instructions and use all the spice it would be overwhelming. I also augmented with some chickenbroth. I would buy again as I felt it was an amazing base to start with. I

Mill Creek, WA


I really didn't want to give this one star, but the website required it. Doesn't deserve one! Sorry to all the folks who praised this, but the spices completely overwhelm the taste of the chili. Won't be purchasing this again!

Federal Way

Best White Chili ever

This is one of the best white chili my family has ever had. Satifies every one's tastes. We will be getting it again.


Bland and thick

Followed the directions exactly. Not a lot of flavor and the beans broke down to the point of it being more like a refried bean dip instead of a chili.


I am a fan of white chicken chili but this was nearly inedible. I followed the instructions to the letter. When it was done the stock was gritty. It seems the spices didn't break down as they should have. I strained the chili and plan to try again adding tomatoes to the chicken and beans. I'm hoping that will help. If not, this will be a total waste of food.

lLake Charles, Louisiana

great chili

this is a great chili. I added a little more seasoning for a little more spice. but other than that this is one of the best chili pkgs I have ever used.

I rated it a 5 for taste,as well as ease of making. the only reason I used more seasoning is because I am from the south(LA) and you know how we southerners like our seasoning.



White Chicken Chili is easy and delicious! I add fresh spinach to make it even healthier. What a great meal!


Highly recommend

I've tried a few other soups and have have loved them all! I don't understand how some people complained about lack of flavor. My son likes more spice so he added some hot sauce. Simple! I served mine over brown rice and everyone loved it!


Mistake turned yummy!

Bought this mix at Ross in box that was mis-labeled "Beefed-Up Barley" Soup, but followed the directions on the box and added beef and tomatoes to the beans. Turned out like a texas-style chili instead of white chili and was really great!

Monroe, MI

Mom begging for White Chicken Chili

I live in Michigan and first bought the WCC at TJ Maxx, loved it, but when I went back for more they didn't have it, I tried our little gourmet grocer and he had it so I bout the 2 boxes Danny's Fine Foods had in stock. I took some to SC for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it and wanted more, couldn't find it there. When I returned to Michigan I was able to get it at Danny's and TJ Maxx and sent a nice gift box to my my for Christmas. Have also tried the Chicken Thyme Rice and Beefed up Barley is in the pot today. Thanks for making delicious homestyle easy to prepare products.


Not what I expected

Although I am a HUGE FAN of these soups this chili was tasteless and bland. Would have been much better with a tomato base.

Bedford, VA


My husband and I were given as a gift the White Chicken Chili, Beefed up Barley and Split Pea. So far we have had the first two. Amazing!!! And so darned easy. We both love each of them with the chicken being my fave and the beef my hubbie's. We can hardly wait to order some ourselves as well as try the split pea. And they go so far and are therefore quite economical if ordered in a higher quantity.

San Francisco

Rockin' good chili!

A family, friends, and personal favorite! Perfection in a box! I add pineapple chunks at the end of cooking for a surprising flavor treat ...

Thank you, Seattle gourmet!

Valdez, Alaska

So Good!

Made this tonight for the first time and I LOVE it. Opted to use ground chicken and turned that into little balls of protein. The chicken cooked to perfection and this soup tasted even better after today's outdoor recreation here in Alaska. Loved the seasoning and adding the green chilis at the end. Really looking forward to having the soup this week, especially since there's snow in the forecast. Certainly going to buy more of this soup. Thank you for keeping me satisfied, cozy and healthy, Buckeye Beans and Herbs!


white Chicken Chili

This chili is so delicious, especially on a cold day. The chili is flavorful and we paired it with biscuits for dipping.

Santa Maria, CA

White Chicken Chili

This beats any white chicken chili recipe I've ever made from scratch! Whenever I've served it, it receives nothing but raves.

Reviews 1-17 of 17