Buckeye Great Leap N Lentil Soup - 12 Oz

Great Leap N Lentil Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 12oz

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Great product. We make it with less water so it is more like a hearty soup or stew and don't always add meat. Great customer service too.

Love this soup. I put my own spin on it as follows:

In addition to the onions, I also add diced carrots and celery. Sauté in about one tablespoon olive oil add the seasoning packet to the veggies. Now add the canned diced tomatoes, rinsed lentils and the water. Bring to a boil, turn down the heat and simmer for about 40 minutes. Add the meat* bring back to simmer for 10 minutes.

*For the added meat I use about 10oz diced andouille sausage and about 7oz diced ham.

If you have a Trader Joe's in your town you can purchase the veggies already diced. To cut down the fat, TJ's has a chicken andouille which is quite good

Aptos, California


Last night my family was tired. I had seen this box of red lentil soup in the cupboard forever! (Well it seemed like forever.) so I knew we had 3 leftover Johnsonville Brauts Sausages and I sliced and threw them in. I added some extra garlic powder and Viola! The entire pot of soup was eaten by 4 adults in 1 night. It's delicious and so fast and easy that I'm ordering more online today! You just can't go wrong with this soup. It really is THAT GOOD!!! I can't say enough good things about it. It's a must try and keep on hand soup!!! Bon Appetite!!! 5 Stars and two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!


Best Lentil Soup Ever

This product more than met my expectations. My family raved over the perfect seasoning and hearty fullness of this soup. Made mine with lightly browned rounds of Kielbasa. Will do again and again.

Salisbury Mills, NY


I made this for the first time today, so I followed the recipe exactly. I spent time and money to make this and found it to taste like hot water with chili flavoring. I am so deeply disappointed. We eat a lot of soup in my home and this brand will not be one of them.

Las Vegas, NV

Delicious healthy soup

I love lentil soup and this mix is superb. It is filling and delicious. Even the kids like it!


Great Soup - Will Definitely Buy Again

Sauteed chopped carrot, celery and onion plus a clove of minced garlic. Added tomatoes, water, lentils & about 2/3 seasoning packet plus some fresh parsley & simmered as directed while I made dinner - very easy to make. At the end, added a little smoked paprika & a smoked pork chop (Smithfield brand) that I had browned first. Soup was fantastic (it was 15 degrees today & snowed) - would just add paprika and leave out meat for a great vegetarian option.

New Mexico

Husband's favorite

I found this at a local store (once) and purchased several boxes in two varieties. We enjoyed both, and when the last from the stock in our freezer was served, I decided to search for it online. Happy to have found it, and purchased despite the high shipping charges (deduct one star).

Derby, KS

I actually like it

I grew up in Hawaii, and did not eat beans. I had them in chili at church camp. Ugh! I hated those beans. I would dig them out of my chili. I have tried green lentils and did not like them. I saw this box of bean soup marked down to $2 at Walmart and thought, for $2 you can't go wrong. I made it and added 1/2 head of cabbage that I had left over in the fridge, and a 7 oz. Package of smoked sausage. It tastes a little like taco soup, but not as spicy. I actually like it, and had 3 bowls. With a little salt, it makes a nutritious meal. What i really like is that the lentils kind of burst apart when they cook. Not at all like a bean. It is yummy! You made a believer out of me!


I love this soup

So easy to make one bowl fills you up! I add a dollup of Greek yogurt and some hot sauce to spice it up. Mmmm so good!! Lentils have many health benefits and I also think you could put cooked chicken or other meats into it to make it my re hearty ! I bought mine at homegoods at a cheaper price.

Oxford, Pennsylvania

Leapin Lentils

This has been a favorite soup for more than 10 years. Always consistently delicious, so easy to make. I slice turkey keilbasi, then saute before adding to soup. MMM.

Nashua, NH

Love this soup!

I was a huge fan of Buckeye Beans & Herbs back in the 80s when they had a full product line including fun shaped pasta and more soups. Chicken 'N Thyme was the first one I had tried and I loved. My favorites were always Chicken 'N Thyme, Great Leapin' Lentils, Beefed-Up Barley, and Barley Burgoo (which unfortunately Seattle Gourmet Foods isn't producing - PLEASE RECONSIDER IF POSSIBLE!).

I was so upset when the line was sold off in 1997 and then completely discontinued as the company that bought it went bankrupt in 1999.

I stumbled across 3 favorites, plus the Pea Soup (favorite of my Mom's) in the Christmas Tree shop and was thrilled!

You can't go wrong with these soups and I always have to make double batches when I make them.

Try different sausages with this one, I like to use Andoille sometimes for an extra kick.


My Favorite!

What a great healthy low sodium soup! I love it. Sometimes I add Little Smokies sausage or sometimes I add chicken instead to make it even healthier.

Red lentil soup

I found this box soup in home goods for $3 and decided to try it. I used to make a green lentil soup with smoked pork butt that was also very good it I have not made it in 20 years. I tried the buckeye soup and thought it was very good. It will be a staple in my house. Easy to make and keep on hand.


Wonderful soup

I made this soup for New Years and it was wonderful. I did add a few things like

kale, sun dried tomatoes, thyme, and ham instead of sausage. I served it to guests and they thought is was wonderful.

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