Buckeye Chicken N Thyme Soup - 12 Oz

Chicken N Thyme Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 12oz

Buckeye Beans and Herbs Chicken and Thyme Soup mix is an easy-to-make homemade soup. Packets of herbs and spices mixed with thyme flavor make this soup both nutritious and heartwarming. Thyme helps to increase brain function and is considered to be... Average rating: 4.91, based on 43 reviews
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My family loves this soup because it is filling and delicious. It is always a good addition to take to friends' potluck dinners. It is always a hit.

Southern California

I started with leeks, garlic and chopped onion sweated; added mild Italian sausage, veggies etc chicken stock, the soup mix and some other goodies. My husband says it's the best soup he's ever had. We love it.

Gulfport, FL

Found this at TJ-Maxx and made it for my husband. He wanted seconds!!! I used 2 skinless chicken breasts, 6 cups of water with 3 Tablespoons of Rapunzel Vegetable Broth, 1 whole yellow onion, 3 sm stalks celery, 1 med carrot julianed, and 2 bay leaves. I water sautéed the onion and celery first and then added all other ingredients. Simple and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! I will definitely be purchasing this again!!

I personally am not a huge fan of meat (too heavy for me) so the next time I make this I will use a 15oz can of kidney beans in place of the chicken! I can hardly wait! Yum! Thanks for such a great product! You should market this as SOY FREE!!!


This soup is just comfort and joy...I skip all the directions and just put 2 large bone in skin on chicken breasts in a pot of directed water, pour the beans in and bring to boil, then simmer for 3 hours. Pull chicken our, bone and return to pot. bought 10 boxes of this and beef barley, put them on a shelf, thinking beans wont go bad, well, the beans are not in protective wrap, just put in box. I was in tears when i found all boxes in garage had moths and larvae in them and had to be disposed of. So!!!.........lesson learned. I make this and put in mason jars with christmas cookies for friends and neighbors at Christmas. They love it!!!!

Picayune, MS

This is the easiest and probably the best soup I have ever made. I used canned chicken and a couple of bouillon cubes and it was ready in less than 45 minutes!!

Center Valley, PA

Bought the soup mix at TJ Maxx on a whim. Used boneless chicken breasts and added carrots, celery and red pepper. My family loved it! Will definitely buy it again!


I made this soup Sunday, it was so simple & smelled as if I had been slaving over a homemade soup for hours! Great soup, I'm definitely going back to buy more.

The thyme flavor dominates. I made it with bone-in chicken breasts but still had to had stock to balance the flavor. In the end,very enjoyable.

New York City

I cannot cook, my apt is where you come to die from malnutrition, lol. I was in Marshalls and saw this and decided to try my luck....an hour or so later I was shocked and AMAZED at what came out of the pot. Finally a meal that didn't end up in the trash because i tried to put something together. Thanks buckeye for putting nearly everything inside the box for me. I'm a true fan now.

St. Louis, Mo

You have to try it. This is the best soup ever. You will want to stock up and not run out. The flavor is wonderful. You can not eat just one bowl. Buy some and enjoy....


I don't know why they don't have tv commerceals about your chicken thyme soup for more people to see. All your reviews are five stars! It would be great for the world to see!

Port orchard, wa.

Made this to get rid off frozen chicken...but it was awesome! I had enough left over for two bowls, froze it one of the teens ATE IT!

Charlotte NC

Found the product at Marshall's in Charlotte. The spice mix was just right with added fresh vegetables. A wonderful meal for a cold evening.